Sunday, March 16, 2008


HANDS! errr.. geh.

Random croc dude on vay kay.

Holy cow.. quickstudies??

Little bunny foo foo and the power of drawing.

Groovy! Can't get enough of EWJ.. and the fact that i can draw him from memory now is kinda silly. On a lighter note, i recommend anybody who didn't like highschool to buy BULLY and relive your highschool career, but with the power to beat up anybody who gives you shite. Good times.


sTeVeLeC said...

Nice quick sketches, and who doesn't love EWJ?

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I usually get all the traffic at the other one

Jelter said...

awesome ewj! whos that guy behind him? u should get a wii so we can play smash ONLINE!

fil said...

What's happenin' ryan. Kudos on the massive blog. Embrace teh cute. As always, your cartoons are teh pwn.

Allen Song said...

Very nice sketches. I really enjoy how you simplify and design all your subjects. I hella like your stuff, man.

Sir Ian Morgan Martin Hill said...

Yo ryan,

Killing it as usual. Your one drawing mother F'r. Those Quickies look fun. Maybe i'll see you in a work shop.


Jelter said...

theyre sitting on that stage/step thing at the far end of bradley hall.

Pinflux said...

Hey thanks for the comment Ryan! I've been pretty quiet over here but certainly have been enjoying all your delicious sketches and finished pics :D


Gary Wu said...

Haha!! I love the hand grabs the boob! Whoes lucky hand is it?

Steven Wayne Howard said...

Wow- you have some very impressive work! Thanks, by the way, for turning me into the weird bunny foo foo beast- didn't realize someone was sketching me that day!