Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Flight of the Conchords!

Some preliminary stuff for an assignment. Who better than the 4th most popular band in New Zealand? A sketch to a color comp. I never really post in progress stuff, but maybe i should start. Ginger balls. *Updated - with the finish*


DerMidlet said...

You draw good.

CCarman said...

Wow...Amazing work here sir.

your in school???


Joe David Torres said...

OMG, I think you're my new hero. Kudos on the work man.

Betty said...

YESSSSS! thanks for posting these, they are SO badass.
yeah you should totally draw ginger balls next.. and mel. she's got a goofy awesome face. =}
I envy your funktastic mad skills.

Jelter said...

Looks great, why haven't you posted the finish yet?

Mark said...

HAHAHA, brilliant!