Tuesday, January 1, 2008

oh Greetings from Japan

Ultra Kawaii! Just a card I made for the new year. Cute is always appreciated here in Japan. I'm checking out all of the sights and the otaku. The electric city in Akihabra (sp) is quite a spectacle.. and I've been frequenting the arcades that are on every block here in Tokyo and played a good amount of Tekken 6 before it's out in the US (jealous Christopher?). I've been getting my anus handed to me, but it's so much fun! Everyone here apparently studies how to juggle their opponent in school.. and i think it's a required subject. Japan is really an amazing country and I highly recommend everyone to visit at least once in their life.. like a visit to the Mecca. I know I am strongly considering living here for at least a year later on. Anyways, Rychan out.


Jelter said...

that looks awesome. you do a good job with incorporating text. sounds like you're having a good trip, i wish i had the $$$ 2 go 2 japan! see u when u get back.

DerMidlet said...

NANDAYO!?! You got to play Tekken 6 before me?!?! UNFORGIVABLE!!

Allen Song said...

Hai. Kawaii des. Muy bonito, amigo.
How's your break man. Hope you're having fun. I like the card a lot man. Makes me freakin' hungry. Later!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan -
Your stuff looks fantastic! Great work!
Don't know if you remember me, but we were in Illo 2 together. (I usually sat in the front w/ curly hair or a bandana on). :)
Glad I found your blog!

Nate Skate said...

Hey, thanks for the comment. always fun checking your blog. I would really recommend checking out my friend Cameron's stuff, he is in my links under Camertron, and he has a site.

MAA said...

Otaku was Great yay!
I enjoyed being Otaku with you at Nihonbashi.
Let find some more in Japan next year!