Sunday, November 11, 2007


How does he get all of his zany ideas? I think we all know.. he gets them from going to sausage parties. I know this because we're BFF and have tagteamed on occasion! I'm just kidding. We're not BFF. I heart you mr. jelter.


MURAKAMI said...

does sausage has .... man sausage?
Ben has one!

I want Best-FrankFurt....BFF

DerMidlet said...

I knew thats where he got them from, I think his retracto beam is a little off tho and thats why sometimes arms, legs and boobs are in the wrong places :p j/k Mr. BJ haha, I need to get out more

Jelter said...

i can sue you now for revealing my trade secrets!

Helen said...

don't deny your feelings for eachother, we accept you for who you are!!!!!

I'm not sure this is the best word to describe this piece, but its cute.

oh, and yeah, my friend showed me the tortured souls series after I did those silhouettes, and now I can't get them out of my head!!! D:

Yuka said...

It does look a lot like Ben! LOL